MAL219699003E3: SuperCap Charger and Backup Power Supply


The MAL219699003E3 mini charger and backup demonstration circuit is a fully transparent charger unit that uses a BQ24095 charging IC and TPS610997 boost converter IC from Texas Instruments to boost the capacitor voltage up to a 5 V constant output voltage.

This mini charger is equipped with a 90 F / 4.2 V 196 HVC ENYCAPTM hybrid energy storage capacitor, which is charged through the power input. This power input is compatible with a USB port. The charged energy is buffered in the 196 HVC capacitor and can be used for backup power.

An independent fixed output voltage of 5 V is created from the backup power of the hybrid capacitor by the TPS610997 synchronous boost converter IC, which provides a constant output voltage with very high efficiency.


Manufacturer Vishay BC Components
Category Power Management
Sub-Category Capacitor Chargers
Eval Board Part Number 4890PHBK-ND
Eval Board Supplier Vishay BC Components
Function Backup Power Controller
Charger Controller
Number of Capacitors 1
Voltage In 4.45 ~ 6.45 V
Topology Boost Backup
Voltage Out (Max) 5 V
Charge Current (Max) 1 A
Features Output Current Regulation
Overvoltage Protection
Power Good Indicator
Short Circuit Protection
Thermal Protection
Quiescent Current 800 µA
Component Count + Extras 12 + 1
Date Created By Author 2018-05
Date Added To Library 2019-12

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