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Aluminum Extrusion Press, Watch Wakefield Solutions Aluminum Being Extruded
Bonded Fin Heat Sinks: Wakefield-Vette
Heat Pipe Overview: Wakefield-Vette
Liquid Cooling, Practical Guidelines to Design and Manufacture with Q&A- Thermal Live 2015
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5 minutes
Recirculating Chiller Overview Basics and Design Guide
This presentation will outline the ways these recirculating chillers work and how to understand their performance for a given particular application.
5 minutes
Thermoelectric Device and Assemblies Overview
An introduction to Wakefield-Vette's thermoelecric devices and the differences between the various types.
5 minutes
Utilizing Vapor Chambers, A Practical Guide to Design
An introduction on utilizing and designing with Wakefield-Vette vapor chambers, as well as a comparison of vapor chambers to heat pipes
5 minutes
Heat Pipe Overview
This presentation will discuss the what is a heat pipe, the types of heat pipes, and heat pipe assemblies.
5 minutes
Intro to the EPS Heitec Sub-rack System
Overview of the EPS Heitec Sub-rack enclosure series.
5 minutes
Liquid Cold Plate Technologies
Liquid cold plate cooling from Wakefield is a natural evolution beyond air cooling where the desired performance can no longer be economically met by air cooling.
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Wakefield-Vette 소개

1957년에 설립된 Wakefield Engineering은 광범위한 상업, 산업 및 군사 시장에 대한 효율적이고 경제적이며 신뢰할 수 있는 열 관리 솔루션을 설계합니다. 세계 선도업체로 인정받고 있는 Wakefield Engineering은 다른 분야로의 확장, 기술 향상에 대한 응답 및 산업 요구 사항을 예상하면서 시장과 함께 성장하고 있습니다. Wakefield Engineering은 Alpha Technologies Group에서 전체 지분을 소유한 자회사입니다.