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NXP Semiconductors

Image of NXP's Technology for the IoT

Technology for the IoT

NXP offers a broad portfolio of comprehensive software & tools to empower critical markets with the IoT Edge, enabling rapid expanse and development for a range of IoT devices and applications.

Image of NXP's Power Management ICs

Power Management ICs for Processors

NXP's PMIC integrated battery management functions include a switching or linear battery charger, coulomb counter, coin cell charger, and power path selection.

Image of NXP's RF Circuit Collection

RF Circuit Collection

NXP provides a comprehensive library of over 400 RF power amplifier designs with easy online access to help reduce development time and fast time to market.

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5G Wireless Infrastructure for a Connected World
NXP Power Management ICs | Digi-Key Daily
NXP i.MX RT Series – Bridging the gap between applications processors and microcontrollers l First Look Series
NXP i.MX 7ULP | Digi-Key Daily
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10 minutes
LPC551x/S1x Family of Arm® Cortex®-M33 based MCUs
This presentation will intrdocut the LPC551x/S1x microcontroller family.
5 minutes
i.MX 8M Nano Quad-Core Applications Processor
NXP's i.MX 8M Nano applications processor brings scalable, secure and cost-effective quad-core processing to edge IoT devices.
5 minutes
eIQ™ ML Software Platform for i.MX RT Crossover MCUs
NXP's eiQ™ machine learning software environment enables customers to convert and optimize trained machine learning models for deployment on NXP silicon.
10 minutes
i.MX 7ULP Applications Processor with MCU-Level Power Consumption
NXP's i.MX 7ULP applications processor brings MCU-level power consumption to the application's processor space.
10 minutes
i.MX 8QXP Multisensory Evaluation Kit
This presentation will introduce the i.MX 8QXP MEK hardware and to showcase its safety display functionality.
10 minutes
Fixed Wireless Access with Layerscape
This presentation will introduce the Fixed Wireless Access concept and why it has taken importance in the communications market in the last year.
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NXP Semiconductors 소개

NXP Semiconductors는 더욱 스마트한 세계를 위한 보안 연결 및 인프라를 실현하여 보다 편리하고, 안전하며, 향상된 삶을 구현하는 솔루션을 촉진합니다. 내장형 응용 제품을 위한 보안 연결 솔루션의 선도업체인 NXP는 안전하게 연결된 차량, 엔드 투 엔드 보안 및 개인 정보 보호, 스마트한 연결 솔루션 시장에서 혁신을 주도하고 있습니다. 60년 이상의 통합된 경험 및 전문성을 기반으로 하는 이 회사는 35개 이상의 국가에서 45,000명의 직원을 보유하고 있습니다.

Freescale Semiconductor는 NXP Semiconductor에 의해 인수되었으며 Freescale Semiconductor 부품은 현재 NXP 제품군에 속해 있습니다(2015년 12월).

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