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Lumex, Inc.

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5 minutes
Bi-Stable LCD Technology
Lumex's Bi-Stable LCDs use 99% less power than traditional LCDs and are available in custom diagonal sizes from 3" to 9.5".
5 minutes
Ray Tracing
Lumex uses state-of-the-art ray trace software with precise 3D CAD/CAM models for optimal light transmittance to ensure proper light pipe design.
10 minutes
QuasarBrite™ LED Panel Indicator Technology
QuasarBrite LED panel indicators offer wire leads ranging from 6" to 6' and mounting options including nut and washer, friction fit, and lock-in switch.
5 minutes
Light Pipe and LED Matching
Matching a light pipe to an LED ensures optimum performance. Key matching elements are location, size, viewing angle, and color binning.
10 minutes
TransBrite™ Light Pipe Technology
What a light pipe is, how light pipes can transport light from an LED, and design consideration and the cost advantages of the TransBrite™ technology from Lumex.
10 minutes
Technological advances in LED backlighting like brightness, cost, and low power consumption have led to increase use of backlighting beyond LCD illumination.
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지난 30년간 Lumex는 업계에서 가장 광범위한 고효율, 고성능 LED 및 LCD를 제공하는 글로벌 업체로서 광전자 업계를 이끌어왔습니다. 수천 개의 표준 제품과 준맞춤형 및 맞춤 설계에 중점을 둔 Lumex는 품질과 혁신을 주도하는 핵심 제조업체입니다. Lumex의 광학 범위는 UV, 가시광 및 적외선 파장을 포함한 넓은 스펙트럼을 지원합니다. Lumex의 기술 설계 전문가 팀은 가장 복잡한 설계 딜레마로부터 효율적이고 스마트한 솔루션을 공동으로 개발하는 전문가입니다.