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- '세계에서 가장 혹독한 환경은 우리의 제품 성능 시험장...”은 1947년 APM Hexseal이 최초로 미국 해군을 위한 스위치 및 회로 차단기, 고압력 밀폐 부트 라인을 개발한 이후부터 APM의 사명이자 좌우명이었습니다. APM의 높은 IP 등급 시일은 MIL-B-5423을 충족하도록 설계되었으며 UL 인증을 획득했습니다. 또한 항공 전자 기기, 계측, 통신, 건축, 해양, 의료, 산업 및 공정 산업에서 광범위하게 사용되고 있습니다. APM은 또한 패널, 전기적 NEMA 인클로저 및 최대 20,000psig까지 밀폐되어야 하고 광범위한 부식성 액체 및 가스에 영향을 받지 않는 기타 관련 시스템을 위한 UL 인증된 자가 밀폐 패스너 및 와셔를 제공합니다.

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고강도 Duty Seeloc® 와셔

APM Hexseal의 고강도 Seeloc® 와셔는 더 높은 토크 값이 예상되는 무수한 밀폐 요구 사항에 적합합니다. 자세히

SEELOC® Washer

APM Hexseal offers their high-pressure HEXSEAL SEELOC® washer for applications where a standard, round washer does not provide sufficient environmental sealing. 자세히

IQ1030 Toggle Switch Sealing Boot

APM's environmental sealing boot mounts on the same switches as APM’s N1030 boot and features a round mounting-nut base. 자세히

HE1015 Circuit Breaker Sealing Boot

APM Hexseal's HE1015 circuit breaker sealing boots come in high-tear strength silicone rubber construction and are IP66/68-rated. 자세히

Rotary Shaft Seals

APM Hexseal's rotary shaft seals for potentiometers feature a molded in mounting-nut and choice of IP66/68 rated models. 자세히

Air and Liquid-Tight Self-Sealing Washers

APM Hexseal's SEELOC®, high-pressure washers are easy to install and their uniformity and high strength assure repeatable performance. 자세히

Recent PTMs 모두 보기 (3)

Sealing Fasteners and Washers 게시 날짜: 2011-07-20

APM's patented, pre-assembled self-sealing screws and fasteners provide both fastening and sealing integrity in a single unit.

Duration: 10 minutes
Circuit Breaker Boots 게시 날짜: 2011-07-18

The circuit breaker boots are comprised of a clear silicone rubber that stays clear throughout its life and are made in 2 styles with several options available.

Duration: 10 minutes
Environmental Switch Sealing Products 게시 날짜: 2011-07-18

The different types of environmental seals available for toggle, pushbutton, rotary, rocker, and circuit breaker switches along with APM's product offering.

Duration: 5 minutes

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APM IP68 IQ Video Tutorial

This video Introduces the IP68 IQ toggle switch boot seal. Quickly and easily mounts over the toggle bat.. turn a few times and you're finished.

APM Sealing Boot Video

APM Hexseal demonstrates the importance of sealing boots and reviews the sealing boot anatomy.

APM Hexseal - Self-Sealing Fasteners, Nuts and Washers

Simple, clear answers are given to the most frequently asked questions regarding self-sealing fasteners, rivets, nuts, and bolts.

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