Tiny Power Inductor WE-TPC

Würth Electronics and Digi-Key introduce the Tiny Power Inductor

Image of Wurth Electronics' Tiny Power Inductor WE-TPCWurth Electronics has released a low-profile package size for the market known as the WE-TPC series. All three package styles have an 8x8 mm size (same footprint) and are available with a height of 1.1 mm (8012), 1.35 mm (8015) and 2 mm (8020). The typical applications for these parts include hand-held devices such as PDAs or digital cameras, DC/DC converters, and SMPS applications where strict height restrictions are an issue. The 8012, 8015 and 8020 series are available in a wide inductance range: from 0.18µH up to 22µH, and a max-rated current of 8.5A in the 8020 series (8012 4.1A).

Fixed Inductors

이미지제조업체 부품 번호제품 요약주문 가능 수량
FIXED IND 3.3UH 1A 220 MOHM SMD744028003FIXED IND 3.3UH 1A 220 MOHM SMD76 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
FIXED IND 4.7UH 850MA 310MOHM SM744028004FIXED IND 4.7UH 850MA 310MOHM SM0세부 정보 보기
FIXED IND 1.5UH 1.75A 47MOHM SMD744031001FIXED IND 1.5UH 1.75A 47MOHM SMD989 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
FIXED IND 2.5UH 1.45A 58MOHM SMD744031002FIXED IND 2.5UH 1.45A 58MOHM SMD2489 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
FIXED IND 3.6UH 1.38A 85MOHM SMD744031003FIXED IND 3.6UH 1.38A 85MOHM SMD5417 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
FIXED IND 4.7UH 1.2A 105MOHM SMD744031004FIXED IND 4.7UH 1.2A 105MOHM SMD5545 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
FIXED IND 6.8UH 850MA 156MOHM SM744031006FIXED IND 6.8UH 850MA 156MOHM SM691 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
FIXED IND 10UH 740MA 205MOHM SMD744031100FIXED IND 10UH 740MA 205MOHM SMD2158 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
FIXED IND 15UH 620MA 285MOHM SMD744031150FIXED IND 15UH 620MA 285MOHM SMD1533 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
FIXED IND 22UH 510MA 450MOHM SMD744031220FIXED IND 22UH 510MA 450MOHM SMD15675 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
게시 날짜: 2012-09-11