PET Sheet for 3D Printing from 3M

OK 3D printing community, this one’s for you. Who here has felt personally victimized by a borosilicate glass print bed? I know I have. Well, I have a solution to help ease some of your frustrations. 3M recently saw a need for inexpensive, reusable, and replaceable polyethylene teraphthalate (PET) sheets.

The 3M162598-ND is 7” x 8” (180 mm x 210 mm) and only 222 µm thick, making it easy to cut down for smaller print beds. It has a micro structured PET film over an adhesive layer backing. The sheet is designed to be used with PLA and ABS filaments. It is reusable up to 10x in any given location of the sheet. When it needs to be replaced, simply peel it off and place another on.

If you’re tired of having to constantly clean glue or ABS juice off of your glass bed, just to reapply and start the cycle again, give this PET film a try. This is designed to diminish the need for any adhesive to help the base layer stick to the print bed. It’s also designed to help the print release from the bed easily.

So, next time you won’t have to pry a print off the bed with so much pressure, that a chunk of glass comes up with the print, requiring you to replace the print bed. Hypothetically speaking of course… Ready to make the switch and try the new print bed material? Go ahead and order one today to save yourself some heartburn.

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