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Stackpole Electronics, Inc.

Image of Stackpole's RNCF Series

초정밀 박막 평면 칩 저항기

RNCF 계열의 박막 칩 저항기는 최저 0.01%의 허용 오차와 최저 5ppm의 TCR로 제공됩니다.

Image of Stackpole's HVC Chip Resistors

정밀 고전압 칩 저항기

Stackpole의 HVC 계열은 후막 기술과 전용 증착 공정을 활용하여 높은 작동 전압과 높은 저항 값을 실현합니다.

Image of Stackpole's RPC Series Thick Film

RPC 계열 후막 칩 저항기

Stackpole의 RPC 저항기는 우수한 펄스 전압 처리 기능과 최저 1%의 넓은 허용 오차 범위를 제공합니다.

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8 minutes
RNCS Series Passivated Thin Film Resistors
Series of passivated nichrome thin film chip resistors with long term reliability in high humidity environments and is cost comparable to standard resistors.
5 minutes
RNCP Series Thin Film Resistors
The RNCP series offers all the advantages of thin film technology at a cost that is competitive with standard commodity thick film chip resistors.
5 minutes
RTAN Tantalum Nitride Thin Film Chip Resistor
Highlighting the materials, design, processing features, and performance advantages of the RTAN series from Stackpole Electronics
5 minutes
SP3A Pulse Withstanding Fusible Wirewound
Overview of the features, applications and benefits of Stackpole’s pulse withstanding fusible SP3A series
5 minutes
CSS, CSSH, and HCS Current Sense Chip Resistor
The Stackpole CSS, CSSH, HCS series current sense shunt resistors offer significant improvements in stability, precision, self heating, and power handling.
10 minutes
Pulse Handling Resistor Solutions
Guide to choosing the correct surge withstanding component, which can result in a smaller and lighter end product.
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Stackpole Electronics, Inc. 소개

- Stackpole Electronics는 섀시 실장 저항기, 스루홀 저항기, 표면 실장 칩 저항기 및 저항 어레이를 포함한 저항 부품을 제공합니다. Stackpole은 1928년에 저항기를 제조하기 시작했으며 오늘날 업계 최고의 글로벌 제조업체로 인정받고 있습니다.