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5 minutes
Anti-Sulfur Resistors
Samsung Electro-Mechanics has developed sulfur resistant resistor products that use corrosion resistant material such as Pd for terminals, and delays reactions of terminal and sulfur gases.
15 minutes
Metal Composite Power Inductors
Samsung Power inductors are used for the purpose of smoothing in PM ICs and DC-DC converters that require high-rated current and low RDC
10 minutes
Soft Termination MLCC
Open mode and soft termination constructions offer several options that reduce or eliminate risk of forming cracks, bending, vibration, and electrical shorts.
10 minutes
High Capacitance MLCC
This presentation will introduce the Samsung high capacitance MLCC as a solution for replacement of Al electrolytic capacitor and Ta capacitor.
10 minutes
Auto Grade MLCC
Samsung offers automotive grade MLCC qualified solutions like open mode and soft termination components for applications that require a "fail safe" design.
10 minutes
High Cap MLCC Family
Industry innovations allow these MLCCs to help designers capitalize on the performance advantages that MLCCs have over electrolytic capacitors.
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- 삼성전기(SEMCO)는 광범위한 고성능 전자 부품의 선도적인 제조업체입니다. 1973년 이후 SEMCO는 품질과 성능을 저하시키지 않으면서 최종 제품의 증가하는 도전적 산업 설계에 대한 소형화의 첨단을 이끌고 있습니다.