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How to Use Chemtronics Soder-Wick
Chemtronics ESD Products to Maintain S20.20 with COVID Precautions
Chemtronics Contact Cleaners
Chemtronics Freeze Spray
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15 minutes
CircuitWorks Product Overview
Provides convenience packaging, and precision dispensing and delivery via three product lines including repair/cleaning, adhesives/epoxies, and lubricants.
15 minutes
Soder-Wick® Lead-Free
Quicker heat transfer takes Solder-Wick® to a newer, faster, and more efficient soldering desoldering method which also helps to use less soldering iron tips.
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Chemtronics 소개

Chemtronics는 전자/전기 OEM 및 서비스 시장에서의 인쇄 회로 기판, 전자 조립품 및 전기 기계 조립품의 수리, 재작업 및 청소를 위한 고품질의 초순수 특수 화학 제품, 자재 및 납땜 제거 제품에 대한 선도적인 제조업체 및 세계적 마케터입니다.

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