9175/9176-700 Series IDC Wire-to-Board Connectors

AVX Corporation's 9175/9176-700 Series of wire-to-board connectors feature IDC caps pre-assembled with IDC contacts

Image of AVX Corporation's 9175/9176-700 Series IDC Wire-to-Board ConnectorsAVX Corporation's 9175/9176-700 product has an IDC cap, pre-assembled with IDC contacts which can be surface mounted onto any PCB and terminated with wires without the need for special tooling.

The 9175 connectors are suitable for 28 and 26 AWG wires with up to 1 mm insulation diameter, and available in 2 and 3 positions. The 9176 connectors are suitable for 24 to 18 AWG wires with an insulation diameter of 1.1 mm to 2.1 mm. These are available in one-, two-, and three-positions.

Features Applications
  • Gas-tight wire termination for long term reliability
  • Industrial -40°C to 125°C operating temperature range
  • No wire preparation, eliminating soldering and crimps
  • Tested to auto levels of temperature, shock, and vibration
  • Accepts either solid or stranded wire
  • Identical PCB footprint to the standard 9175/9176 product, the exact same IDC section
  • Current ratings up to 10 A
  • Connecting discrete wire components to a PCB
  • Bringing power, ground or signals onto a PCB
  • Daisy chaining PCBs together
  • Replacing soldered wires to a PCB


이미지제조업체 부품 번호제품 요약전선 게이지주문 가능 수량
CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 28AWG SMD009175002701106CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 28AWG SMD28AWG, 연선 또는 단선48880 - 즉시
2000 - 공장 재고
세부 정보 보기
CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 26-28AWG SMD009175003701106CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 26-28AWG SMD26-28AWG, 연선 또는 단선699 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
CONN WIRE IDC 1POS 18AWG SMD009176001701106CONN WIRE IDC 1POS 18AWG SMD18AWG, 연선4461 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 18AWG SMD009176002701106CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 18AWG SMD18AWG, 연선23974 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 18AWG SMD009176003701106CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 18AWG SMD18AWG, 연선4206 - 즉시
3000 - 공장 재고
세부 정보 보기
CONN WIRE IDC 1POS 20AWG SMD009176001711106CONN WIRE IDC 1POS 20AWG SMD20AWG, 연선1332 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 20AWG SMD009176002711106CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 20AWG SMD20AWG, 연선3699 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 20AWG SMD009176003711106CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 20AWG SMD20AWG, 연선579 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
CONN WIRE IDC 1POS 22AWG SMD009176001722106CONN WIRE IDC 1POS 22AWG SMD22AWG, 연선0세부 정보 보기
CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 22AWG SMD009176002722106CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 22AWG SMD22AWG, 연선10701 - 즉시
14400 - 공장 재고
세부 정보 보기
CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 22AWG SMD009176003722106CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 22AWG SMD22AWG, 연선12600 - 즉시
3000 - 공장 재고
세부 정보 보기
CONN WIRE IDC 1POS 24AWG SMD009176001732106CONN WIRE IDC 1POS 24AWG SMD24AWG, 연선3660 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 24AWG SMD009176002732106CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 24AWG SMD24AWG, 연선1739 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 24AWG SMD009176003732106CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 24AWG SMD24AWG, 연선1958 - 즉시세부 정보 보기
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