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American Bright

- For over two decades, Bright LED has become one of the world's leading LED suppliers seeking unusual quality and service to the rapidly growing market for LEDs in the US market.

With the same philosophy that Bright has continually invested in the expansion of their research and development, manufacturing, and customer service capabilities, American Bright is capable of responding to the needs of the customers on a domestic basis. This response is achieved through a growing network of authorized sales representatives, applications staff, and qualified distributors. Leveraging its ability to communicate immediately with the factory and with customers and affiliates around the world, and through the further growth of its automated production lines, American Bright is positioned to answer the most demanding needs of its customers. American Bright's manufacturing techniques are highly proficient, assuring a level of quality and uniformity that the market has come to expect in such devices.

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Image of American Bright's Opto-Coupler BPC-10xx Series

Opto-Coupler BPC-10xx Series

American Bright's BPC-10XX series are optically coupled isolators containing an infrared emitting diode and an NPN silicon phototransistor.

Image of American Bright’s Smart RGB LED with built-in IC

IC가 내장된 스마트 RGB LED

American Bright의 스마트 RGB LED는 내장된 칩의 피드백 신호를 통해 R, G, B 색상의 연속 상태를 자동 감지하는 신호를 제공합니다.


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