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Molding Resin Die Bonding Wire Lead / / / \ Die Attach Die Pad
Package Information : WSOF5
1. Package Information
  Package Name WSOF5
     Type    SOP
     Pin Count    5
     Outline Dimension
Drowing No.    EX129-5001
     Package Weight [g]    0.0028
     Lead Finish    Pure Tin
     MSL Level    Level3
2. Package Structure
                         1/9 TSZ02201-WSOF5-1-2
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Package Information Reel Hg 1 DuadramAssvgnmentsVor PW 1 Onentanan m Tape E2 PIN1 ‘5 placed «a the top lefl corner TR PW! Is p‘aced to the lap "gm corner TL PW! vs placed wme \owerlefl E1 PM ‘5 p‘aced tome lower ngm Pee‘back 16510 180’ Pee‘back speed 300i10mm/mvn 3L 35 Direction 0! feed Pocket Quadranls —> TSZDZZO1-WSG5-1-2
WSOF5                           Package Information
3. Packing Specification
3.1 Packing form, Quantity, PIN1 Orientation
Packing Form Tape&Reel
Packing Quantity [pcs] 3,000
PIN 1 Orientation TR
3.2 Use material
 Item Material
Embossed carrier tape PS
Cover tape PET+PE
Reel PS
Desiccant Silicagel
Envelope Aluminum-laminated
Unit box Cardboard
 Shipping box Cardboard
3.3 Leader specification
No component pockets are160 mm or more.
3.4 Trailer specification
No component pockets are 40 mm or more. Tape is free from reel.
3.5 Peelback strength
Cover tape peelback strength is 0.2 N to 0.7 N.
Fig. 2 Test method
3.6 Missing Ics
(1) No consecutive dropouts.
(2) A maximun 0.1 % of specified number of products in each packing may be missing.
                                                  2/9 TSZ02201-WSOF5-1-2
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Tape Dimension (unitmm) Tape Tolerance 1.83 1.83 $1.5 (470.5 1.75 3.50 0.75 4.00 4.00 2.00 0.25 8.00 $0.1 $0.1 +0.1I-0 10.1 10.1 10.05 10.1 10,1 10.1 10.1 10.05 20.3
WSOF5                           Package Information
3.7 Tape and Reel Specification
3.7.1 Tape Dimension
                       3/9 TSZ02201-WSOF5-1-2
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WSOF5                           Package Information
3.7.2 Reel Dimension
      Reel Dimension       Reel Tolerance    
 A 180       +0/-1.5    
B 60 -1.0/-0
C 13 ±0.2
D 21 ±0.8
E 2 ±0.5
W1 9 +1.0/-0
 W2  11.4       ±1.0    
                       4/9 TSZ02201-WSOF5-1-2
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Unlt box Label (Unit mm) Ree‘ 185 Desiccant 58 185 Alummurn-Iarninated envelope Product No. Oul going inspeclion stamp BX1234XXX7XX ( Quami‘y\1HIIIIIIHIIHIIHIIIIIIIWWI ‘Z‘UODpcs 0124 ASHUF IIIIIII ll“! K YAMAD BX1234XXX xx ( ) Lol number MND 124 D23 pus MM: 124 024 pcs we wmmpwes /_ Inlemal producx code Markmg lot number Pb Free Mark
WSOF5                           Package Information
3.8 Packing Method
2reel(s) or less per unit box
3.9 Packing Style
4unit boxes or less per shipping box
Shipping Box Dimension
X 190
Y 255
 Z  193
3.10 Label Specification
                       5/9 TSZ02201-WSOF5-1-2
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WSOF5                           Package Information
4. Footprint dimensions
In actual design, please optimize in accordance with the situation of your board design
and soldering condition.
The lead toe and lead side fillet may not be achieved because of non-lead packages.
The exposed central pad in the center of the package doesn't require electrical connection
to the PCB. The central pad isn't shown in this land pattern, because the quality when connecting
it is not guaranteed.
                     6/9 TSZ02201-WSOF5-1-2
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Package Information Producmn day Production 0! week code year code Praduchan week code Praducuan code TSZDZZO1-WSOF5-1-2
WSOF5                           Package Information
5. Marking Specification
6. Storage conditions
6.1 Storage environment
Recommended storage conditions
          Min.  Max.     Unit
 Temperature 5 30 °C
 Humidity 40  70     % RH
6.2 Storage period
         Min.  Max.     Unit
 Storage period -  1    year
6.3 Specified storage period until soldering
          Min.  Max.     Unit
 Acceptable time -  168     hour
The above value is a time from opening the moisture-proof packaging until the soldering.
Cases where it is necessary to perform the drying process is the following.
Case 1 : in excess of the above-mentioned "Acceptable time"
Case 2 : it has passed more than a year not open
Recommended the dry process conditions
                 TemperatureC]     Time [hour]  
Reel(Note1) 60  48
Other Heat-proof container  100     24  
(Note1) When carrying out the dry process in a "Reel" state, the peelback strength will change.
Please refer to the following values:
             Min. Max.     Unit
 Peelback strength 0.2 0.9     N
The drying process is the impact on the solderability because the oxidation of the terminal portion
will occur. Therefore, specify the maximum times of the dry processing as follows:
Recommended execution count of the dry process
          Min.     Max.  Unit
 Execution count -     2 times
                       7/9 TSZ02201-WSOF5-1-2
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Package suflace temperature 260 CMAX Preheafiw remperazure , 130"c~190"c Preheamng zone . 120m MAX Soldering zempemure 220"c~230"c Soldering temperature Somerm zone , 60sec MAx 1~4“ C/sec
WSOF5                           Package Information
7. Soldering conditions
7.1 Recommended temperature profile for reflow
7.2 For wave soldering
The wave soldering method is not supported.
7.3 For solder iron
Rework by soldering iron is not allowed or it may cause mold crack and terminal open.
                         8/9 TSZ02201-WSOF5-1-2
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Package Information (Nm recommended > (recommended> C> FIeX‘ble mm mountmg board outer lead dxrecllon board bending dwrecuon TSZDZZO1-WSCF5-1-2
WSOF5                           Package Information
7.4 Caution for solder mounting
7.4.1 For mounting on flexible film
Mounting on flexible film, film bend may occur lack of lead from package,
usage of support board and under fill is recommended.
7.4.2 For Mounting long and narrow board
Mounting on long and narrow board, bending stress may occur a luck of
lead from package, bending board direction and outer lead direction is
recommended as drawing (vertically layout) and under fill usage is recommended.
8. Appearance inspection criteria for foreign material, void and etc.
This products are made from clear resin.
This products are susceptive damage from foreign material and void in production process.
In case of the foreign material, void and etc. do not affect IC character, this damage are no object.
                                9/9 TSZ02201-WSOF5-1-2
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